happy birthday Hannah! : Austin Family Photographer

This family is so special to us.  They are close family friends and a gift from God to our family.  Let me give you a bit of background – Hannah’s mom was Jack’s preschool teacher.  I was SOOOOO nervous about sending him to school and God just knew I needed her to make things alright.   As soon as we met her she totally put us at peace and I made sure to run up and sign up to be her room mom ASAP.  I honestly have no words to describe what an amazing teacher and woman she is!  We were blessed to have her for two years straight {lucky us!} and in those two years we really grew to love her and consider her a part of our family – we were so sad when they moved away from Dallas but we continue to cherish their friendship and her influence in Jack’s life.

Of course with a mom like hers Hannah couldn’t be anything but gorgeous and 100% sweet!  I had SUCH a good time during our shoot and cannot wait til we come and take a trip to visit them at their new home.  Looking forward to seeing all their back yard visiting deer and checking Hannah’s brownie camera.  If they only lived closer I know I could have an awesome intern in my hands!

Happy Birthday Hannah!

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  1. Dear Ruth,
    YOUR family has been a blessing to me!!! I am so thankful for the two years that I had being Jack’s teacher!! I love all of you so very much and LOVE that my Hannah had the opportunity to get to know you!!! You are right, she is now talking about photography and would love to work with you!! Thank you for the photos!! You are so talented and we will think of you as we look at the photos on the walls throughout our entire lives! We look forward to having your sweet family visit!!! You have an official open invitation!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! Lots of love!!! Lori

  2. Hi, Mrs. Ruth! This is Hannah! Thank you so much for taking my picture! You are very sweet! I know why Jack and Gracie love you so much, you are the sweetest photographer! Thank you for the “brownie” page!!!! Have a nice day! Love, Hannah 🙂

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