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We are so excited to be working with our favorite store and to have had our artwork displayed on their window! By now you know that we are BIG fans of Peek Aren’t You Curious. We are SO lucky to have one of their stores here in Dallas in Northpark Center. Northpark is THE BEST place to shop in this city (I consider it a little slice of heaven!) It is also a special place for me because it reminds me of my husband’s grandmother. She was an avid Northpark shopper and she would be proud if she could see my work in one of the windows! I miss you Nana!

Anyway… I digress… back to Peek – Peek has seriously awesome clothes that fit my style of photography to a tee (no pun intended). I love their clothing and I love my friends at the store so much that I have started offering personal shopping at no additional cost for my clients at their Dallas store. So if you book a session and you want me to shop for you, we can set that up when we schedule your session. I can do it all for you and bring the clothes with me to the shoot or you can meet me there and we can shop the store together. If the schedules are tight or you rather fly solo – I can call the store ahead of time to let them know you are coming and to talk to them about our vision for the shoot so they can help you put together the perfect outfits. THESE GIRLS ARE THE BEST! Even if you are not shopping for session outfits GO visit them (tell them I sent you!) – I was there on Friday and they had great new arrivals and everything you need to update your kids’ summer closets.

So here it is – our image on their window (excuse the crappy iphone pictures!) The irony of my kids fighting in front of the store ( on Mother’s day ) is not lost on me. That picture on the window is amazing and it captured a fleeting moment of peace that is worth every sibling war behind us!

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  1. I so saw that on Mothers day when we were there!!! And I was like, what an adorable picture……those kids look just like Jack and Grace. DUH!!! Awesome work Ruth!!

  2. I love the photo of your kids! They are so sweet! I completely trust your vision, Ruth! So we will definitely be shopping together at the store later in the year before our next session.

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