Back to work next week…

My "Baby-moon" - AKA – maternity leave is almost over.  I officially go back to full time work and regular office hours next week.  Time flew by and somehow now I have the sweetest 3 month old baby girl in my home.  Sniff, sniff… she is growing WAY TOO FAST!  Thankfully she has been sleeping 8 hours a night for the last few weeks so I am thankfully getting close to *normal* again if a mom can ever be truly normal 😉  

Sooo with the impending regular work schedule right around the corner I am starting to organize and prepare for the busy fall season – and I wanted to let you know that as of the beginning of next week we will be scheduling our fall sessions in full force.  NOW is the time to call!  Hopefully the cool gorgeous weather is getting everybody in the mood to think Christmas ;) 

Here are the Holiday deadlines for 2008: 
– Last date available for Holiday Sessions = November 8th 
– Deadline for placing orders for guaranteed delivery = November 15th 

Stay tuned to the blog for details on our first ever limited mini session event.  More details to come this weekend! 


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  1. Ruth, Chris and Jack –
    Congratulations on little Grace! What a beautiful and precious little girl that you have been blessed with. I have thought of you many times over the summer. How grateful you must be for this little bundle of joy! Hugs to your family, Vanessa Jones and family

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Però quina nena més maca!!! Moltes felicitats per aquesta benedicció tan preciosa. M’ho havia dit l’Elena, però fins que no ho he vist no m’ho he cregut; és absolutament guapíssima i el teu treball meravellós! Dóna records als teus dos homes i molts petons per tota la família! Estaré aquí del 22 de septembre a l’11 d’octubre, espero poder veure’t. Petons i benediccions!!! Muaaakaaa!

    Es preciosa, que linda!!! Seguro que te lo pasas bomba con ella. Nosotros esperando ver la cara del nuestro.
    Petonets, Eli Franco

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