Grace four through eight weeks ….

It has been an interesting few days at the Williams household!  Grace is doing great but Jack caught the latest summer bug and graciously shared with me… oh joy!   Anyway…  trying to get you all caught up with Grace’s images

I am skipping week 3 because I can’t find the picture from that week!

Here is our sweet little princess at four weeks old 🙂

five weeks – good girl… looking right at the camera (I wonder if it will last 😉

IMG_8420 copy

six weeks

seven weeks with daddy …. love
DSC_0113 copy 2

eight weeks

almost done …  she is ten weeks right now so I will try to share nine and ten as soon as I take her ten week pictures 😉
Right now I am off to watch the Olympics !

We are working on our new website which will debut in the fall  – in the meantime

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  1. Wow she is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! The most beautiful little girl in the world! Ok she *is* my daughter but it’s still true!

    love, daddy

  2. thanks so much Debbie and Laurie!
    And to my wonderful hubby – I love you honey 😉

  3. Yummy! Oh Ruth – what sweet portraits! Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl…had no idea she was in the works =)

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