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  1. Gosh, I have so many questions! I’m from Indianapolis, so first off, no potential future competition! 😉 I found your blog through Suz’s site, and I fell in love with your pictures!! You are simply amazing! Congratulations on your upcoming new miracle!!

    I am really wanting to start taking pictures professionally. I’m wondering if you went to school for photography, and if so, what sort of classes were most helpful…again, your work is absolutely amazing!

    I’m sure THIS question gets annoying, because I’m not professional, and it get’s asked all the time…but what kind of camera do you use? I have my eye on the Nikon D80…

    Anyways, I’m also wondering what other equipment (lighting/backdrops/etc.) you have, and whether you have a studio where you do some work, or what. Also, do you use mostly natural light or do you have big photography lights (not sure what they’re called!).

    Thank you and I totally apologize for all the annoying questions! I’ve seen many photographers’ websites and I feel your work has been totally superior to all the others!


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