Puppy Love!

Ok… really can you get any sweeter than this?
I will not even tell you what we did to get this shot but it was worth it – Right Kim?
This is such a fun family – I love them! I am not going to lie that I was a little bit more than afraid to throw a puppy in the mix with a 4 year old – We had talked about it over the phone but I had forgotten all about it and my heart jumped a bit when I saw the puppy in the car – hahaha – I am SO thrilled we nailed the shoot!

I am so happy with this that I want it printed BIG in canvas – in MY house 😉


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  1. Oh, I love this!!!!! When we got our puppy last year, everyone said “take pictures, she’s gonna grow FAST”. And sure as shootin, she did! I wish I had a shot like this with my kids. This is going to be such a treasure to this family.

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