Steeces Pieces Part V : Dallas Children's Photographer

It’s Miss Savannah’s turn!  I took a look at her coming off of the car and I have to admit…  I was a little worried.  She was not in the mood…  !!!!!  YIKES!!!!!   Thankfully as the session went along she really did warm up to the idea and after a few funny faces and tickles we were in business.   Isn’t she a cutie pie!?  That collage melts my heart with those sweet smiles!

Steece’s Pieces Blog fans come tomorrow for one extra sneak peek from this fun session 😉





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  1. you have done the unimaginable…YOU CAPTURED SAV SMILING!!! LOL. girrrrl—i knew you were good! 😉 so sweet–love the collage..and that dress was amazing!!! thanks for letting us borrow it!

  2. You have great beautiful subjects in this family, but also, make no mistake about it…..Ruth Williams, you are a fantastic photographer!

  3. You are a excellent photographer no doubt about it. And Sav you are just soooo cute! You really captured great shots of her.

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