Unblogged but not forgotten

This was one of my favorite sessions EVER! I mean it too – family sessions can be a wee bit stressful sometimes but we had so much fun.  In fact in a perfect world I would be hiring Charley to come with me to every session I do because man he had everybody giggling and laughing – including me.  

Anyway somehow I managed not to blog it but even though it took me a while and this family has seen and gone through the whole process of choosing images I wanted to share them with you. If you have seen any of my marketing materials around you will have seen this family image.  Can we say … perfection? 
xoxo -Ruth 

My favorite family image to date!  I want one of these for my own family?  Should I just put them up in my house and pretend? 

Gorgeous sisters – I love how the little sister/big sister relationship is captured in this moment!



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