Four Sweet Babies!

Yes four – as in quads! These are the sweetest babies and I think they have the sweetest parents too. I don’t know how their mom and dad keep it together but really they do. In fact I am pretty sure they do better than me with four little babies in the house and first time parents too! Really – their mom was a huge source of inspiration for me and I feel blessed to have met them.

I need to go back and do group shots of them because hmmmm I admit defeat – four babies are a lot of work and even with help I was not able to do it in one shoot but here is a quick preview of what we got the first time around.

I am pretty sure I am missing one baby – ack! I will be digging pictures of him shortly 😉

Aren’t they the sweetest thing?










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  1. Wow you do amazing work! i will definately keep you in mind when we do have a baby…
    i love all your pics and you seem so sweet and great with kids!
    I have you saved to my blog page so I wont forget you when the time comes!
    have a wonderful week!

  2. woman you are awesome! hopefully MANY people will be convicted to use you for their professional pics! you are such a beautiful, wonderful, talented, godly woman!! and your work is extraordinary!!!! 😉 the quads miss you and can’t wait to play some more! 😉

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