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We are back to normal business hours. I had a crazy month with my cousin who was here visiting from Spain. Right before she left we visited San Antonio and I fell in love with the missions. Although I have been to San Antonio several times before we never made it to the missions and that was for sure my favorite part of our quick one day trip last week. I know I never share pictures of my son (mainly because he never lets me take many!) so I thought I would share one from him at one of the San Antonio missions…

I am getting caught up in paperwork today and I will be returning calls today and tomorrow. I know some of you are waiting to schedule your fall sessions so expect a call from me no later than tomorrow. If you are thinking about calling to book a Holiday session do it now. September is still fairly open but October is starting to get booked. In the next week or two I will be publishing our Holiday deadlines so stay tuned.


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